Performance Management System Project

We helped a terminal container company in Jakarta to create a better change on the management. We developed a Corporate-Strategy with them to make it happen. We generated their Balanced-Scorecard into KPI for each level in the company.

After conducting KPI for each level and department based on the strategy, we implemented it into Job-Analysis which a full analysis and description about a job-position: why is the job-position should be there, what is the job authority, job responsibility, and the function for company. Moreover, we explained the job-dimension includes:

Who the head is

Who the staffs are

What the job challenge is

What the standard-competency is

What the education-level standard is

How the experience standard is

How the internal-communication system is

How the external-communication system is

Besides that, we constructed all of aspects above into KPI for all unit and level of the company. After that, we helped them to do a program of Performance Appraisal for assessing the employee performance toward the new corporate system and strategy.  In this step, the company would see the real result and benefit on the company management system to multiple the business impact and profit.

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