Internal Communication Project

We have successfully helped FPR company to live its business management. FPR established since 1980 and be the biggest communication strategic company in Indonesia. FPR is a subsidiary company from FRI multinational company which had a centre in Hongkong, but this company were bankrupt in 1970’s because crucial economic crisis. For this tragedy, just FPR which had successfully survived as the member of FRI, and its mean FRI should redeem all of the whole FRI Company’s debt. FPR Company has greatly passed all crises due to its strong culture.

FPR Company has a business on 360 Degree Communication Strategic, includes advertising, public relation, activation, EO, communication strategic, ATL, BTL, brand strategy, and digital communication. This kind of business requires creativity from all of its employees. A business people need a qualified talent to run the business and the business needs their talent’s critical mind to produce the awesome service for the clients; and it will be successfully done if happiness clearly exists in each employee’s mind and soul.

In fact, FPR Company already has a business system in the company, such as, performance management system, career path and planning, and training curriculum. But, this company faces a big problem; they have low-rates of Employee Engagement Index (EEI). This problem can impact the consultant performance in working. The low-rates of EEI are impossible to produce high creativity on their employees.  For this problem, the company manager thinks about a program to make the employees feel saved toward the company. If the employees are comfortable to work for the company, their quality of creative thinking and performance will increase sharply, and finally the revenue sales also will improve due to the client’s satisfied. This program, named internal communication, is going to announce well about the company system to all employees and receive all employees’ needs, comment, and feedback about all aspect in the company.

For developing this internal communication program, first of all we did a survey and literature studies about the indicator which could impact the EEI rates, includes leadership, security feeling, welfare benefit, recognition, company image and value, management system, teamwork, working environment, performance development, salary motivation. After that, we tested the validity of the data using the scientific method, called Pierce Product Moment, for getting a clear and accurate result. After reviewing and concluding, we found the most-impactful indicator toward the EEI in FPR Company; they are security feeling and company image and value.

Actually, the indicators which had the lowest value are security feeling, welfare benefit, recognition, company image and value, management system, working environment, and salary motivation. Practically, if we solve the problem on security feeling, the management system problem will be cleared automatically. Then, when we were finalizing company image and value problem, we placed the company image and value as the objective of the program by solving the problem on recognition. We concerned on the recognition problem to create the pride feeling on the employee. After this step is finished, we found that obstacles on salary benefit, management system, and working environment are directly solved. For this case, we built an internal communication based on recognition strategy.

Then, we conducted a deep-stick research. We asked the employees about what kind of issue which has a trouble, and then we knew that: they thought there are not any good career path implementations and development program in the company. In fact, the company has provided the career path program for the employees.

After getting the issue and problem of recognition, we searched for the campaign as the solution. We also did a literature studies and then get a theory which states: when people are happy in working, they will do not over-think about any kinds of any aspects (as problem) stated above.

We tried to implement the theory by conducting a research toward employees’ needs; what is your opinion about “working with happiness and fun”? From employees’ answer, we found several of answer until we conclude: working with happiness and fun is when work feels like vacation. Finally, we released a campaign titled “Funcation : fun and vacation workplace”.

All of employees felt good about the campaign. Then, we asked them the definition and description of “Function” to develop the program. The employees stated that “Every working day feels like holiday”, “Where fun meets adventure”, “Passionately happy”, “Working in FPR is like a vacation”, etc. We wanted to continue the step by making recognition for a lot of behavioural aspects that needs to be developed, using their Balanced-scorecard we built a recognition program named “Token of appreciation”. In this step we determined the theory of Pavlov about reinforcement as the complementary data in developing program. We concerned and provided reward just on some of their Balanced-scorecard aspects, includes finance (for example: when employees successfully achieved the target), customers (for example: when employees got clients, or be a great consultant), and learning and growth (for example: when employees wrote at blog-post.)

Every three months, we informed to all employees about the token achievement as a symbol of performance achievement. This program made the employees felt comfort and saved with the company and tried to announce to all member of company, so the well-qualified employee will be known and identified as best employee. We also provided a big prize, IDR 20.000.000 for vacation on the end of the year, for the highest token achiever.

For this management build-up program, FPR Company got a very nice result on business. The rates of EEI increased from 5,9 into 7,0 and they reached additional profit-rates into 400%. The business is running well, the profit is reached awesomely, and all of the employees are fun and happy.

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