Five Requirements of Training Program

An Effective Performance Review Program.

This writing will focus on the performance review program. To clarify what is expected of an employee, significant job segments and standards of performance were well discussed. Self-appraisal for performance appraisal was included at this program. The preparation to get performance improvement was described in detail.

The Program Fits the Organization

A program in a company will be clearly different between one and the others. Some program are complicated and requires too many paperwork, other program are simple and keep paperwork to a minimum. Some program do appraisal specifically, and other program just do it annual. In determining kind of a program, it is better if a company ensure its program can be properly implemented.

In this case, a company should pay attention and choose smartly about what company need is, and how company will get it rationally. Some important aspects in this part are the needs, personnel, and organization priorities.

The Program Is Communicated

The aim of communication is to create understanding between people. So, program should be clearly communicated so that all employees will know about all aspects of the program, such as what, why, when, where, and how.

To avoid miss-communication, manager and the team should prepare everything specifically and it is better to add information or explanation in some information which unclear or unfamiliar to the employees. It is possible to do discussion session after any presentation so that employee can clarify what is information they get.

The Program Is Sold

Good communication and understanding is not enough. Employees who implement the plan must be convinced that their time and effort are going be rewarded. First, it is can be done through persuasion, but as time goes on, employees need real benefit. There are five steps to sell the program:

  1. Explanation and discussion of the program to the general manager, industrial

relations manager, and management development supervisor.

  1. Explanation of the program to the eight department heads, made discussion, and created some changes based on their recommendation.
  2. Communication of the program at the dinner meeting. Benefits to the individual employees as well as to the company were
  3. Individual discussion with those who weren’t sold on the program.
  4. Clarification by the general manager that it was their program and not a program that had been imposed by the corporate office.

The program must be sold not just initially, but continuously. Managers constantly battle with priorities. The more they are sold on the program, the more likely they are to give time and energy to it and do it effectively.

The Reviewers Are Trained

It’s not enough to create understanding and sell the managers on the program. They must have the necessary skills to implement the program. To get them to understand the forms and procedures is relatively easy, but to get them to develop the required skills is difficult. And a well-written manual isn’t going to do it. So, the monitoring during the program implementation is needed.

There are some skills which is neccesary to run the program:

  • Identifying significant job segments
  • Developing standards of performance
  • Appraising performance
  • Conducting the appraisal interview
  • Developing a performance improvement plan
  • Coaching

 Appropriate Controls Are Established

There are two philosophies of management. One says that people will do what the manager expects. The other says that people will do what the manager inspects. The first philosophy applies in many situations, but in performance appraisals, the second seems to predominate. At one plant of a large company, the general manager was most enthusiastic when the new performance review program started. He conducted reviews with his employees as scheduled, and he expected them to do the same. The human resources department sent him a monthly report of schedules and completions. If any reviews were not completed on time, he talked with the manager about it. So all reviews were completed, most of them on time.

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