Experience in Fixing Company Management

We have done a big “touch-up” on the biggest communication industry company in Indonesia. Management in a company sometimes needs a lot of changes as its “make-up” to make it to be better. For some steps and strategy of fixing management, we are success to improve this company business performance.

First, we did an assessment centre on that company.

The purpose is to map the fitness of job competency to the job-position and culture to the company condition. By doing this step, we found that the company needs a culture-change: from Clan into Adhoc Culture. Besides that, we also understand what kind of Human Resources System should be done.

Second, we planned and run the Organization Strategy by Balanced-Scorecard.

It becomes the first company of communication who use it for reaching best result of Organization Strategy program.

Then, not just KPI organization, we were successfully to implement the strategy into KPI of unit and individual.

Next, we built the performance appraisal for that company to get the standard for a lot business aspects.

The standard transform into parameter to assess quality of work and performance.

Fifth, we tried to create the system of compensation and benefit to all employees.

This indicated the objectivity of people assessment toward their work-performance.

After that, we continued our system management into process of Career Development Centre.

This is for deciding the people’s career-path based on the assessment standard. In this process, we gave the explanation about some criteria to get promotion. Moreover, we introduced the operation standard to do in this centre, such as determining people who will be promoted and the assessor for each people.

And then, we conducted the Performance Assessment on period of monthly.

Using this assessment, we could well-understand the work quality of all employees; so we know in what part we should fix it better.

Finally, internal communication program should be developed in that company.

It is useful to ensure that all of people in the company get the true and clear information about the big-great-change of their company.

For all those management fixing process during 3 years, the company absolutely get a super-benefit. This biggest Indonesia communication industry earned ≥400% of profit in 2014 and could save the cost effectively until billions rupiahs.

Creating better company management is not a magic, but it is a complex process. Like a “make-up” process, it will deliver us to see a “beautiful” management settings. We creates star employee, to achieve business impact.

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