Designing and Writing the Training

Making training becomes all managers’ dream for their company. The purpose is exactly to develop employees for getting super-quality work and result. For making it, one of the important steps is designing the training which fit to the company culture and condition.

Managers often think that knowing and understanding all of the training material is very important for their employees. Managers argue that well-trained employees will deliver their business to a great success. In the other hand, sometimes employees just want to know the addition knowledge and skill which they think will be useful in their job description. So, for getting the balance training, it must be design to allow maximum—but also effective transfer from trainer to the trained-employees.

There are two basic areas which become key management issues in designing training for maximum transfer. The first is about the role as coordinator and facilitator, and second is the nature of learning design or how the training is delivered. These two aspects must be done well during and after the training process.

In making training design, we can imagine that the trained-employees are the customer who chooses training as “weapon” to reach best result of business. It means the training crew, the designer and deliver, should understand totally what the business is about and how they run the business process. So, training manager have a big responsibility to do a true research about the company and get right information to design the training program.

Then, it is also important to express our expectation as a training manager.  Create an opportunity to tell to all training crew, such as designer, illustrator, and support people. They should know the standard of your expectation. After that, re-check it is running or not by getting opinion from the trained-employee. A good training manager also opens a chance for training supervisor telling about high expectation from the training. As wise training manager, just accept their expectation. A high standard of expectation means the company is ready to grow better and have an extra spirit to participate in training program.

Joining training may be a boring activity for employees. For overcoming it, the first step is building employees’ spirit of “learning to learn”. One of the methods is by designing the program not like a studying-process, but makes the training in realistic work condition. However, this process needs a guideline from the trainer. So, there are any wrong steps doing by the employee during the training process. After the spirit of learning is created, we must realize that each employee have different way to study and understand something. This problem must have anticipated in research and designing step. The trainer or facilitator should know well how each employee’s way of learning. A great training design and plan should be possible accepted by every-single-different learning style.

Besides those things, understanding the taxonomies in a company is a must in program designing step. Taking a look to the organized hierarchy concept, from low to high and high to low, can become one additional guideline in designing. This is important to set an instruction and learning model, so the employees will not be shocked by the training program style.

After all of the learning-processes are done, the next step is nurturing the training result. In this part, training manager can involve into some structure activities to ensure the employees are well-trained. The common kind of nurturing program are periodic structured feedback from trainee and supervisor to training department, rotation assignments and cross-training, structured monitoring at three months and six months, mentoring, coaching, and peer support. If training is finished and not be continued by this process, it is impossible for company getting optimum result on their employees.

For maximizing the result, it is better to use written packaging in training process. That is true, there are a lot of technology that provide a tool to deliver material not just by writing format; but in business process of an office, everything still use writing format. Information, document, and announcement are in written form. Using written packaging also teach employees to use language in right way. It also adds employees’ skill in communication and sharing information. The part of writing which is should paid attention are about the using of grammar convention, punctuation format, also making heading, labels, and margin.

However, training manager should not call writing-expert to make the training-packaging or just to teach all employee how to good in writing; because this is the major challenge for a training manager, to share knowledge about writing and set a training which is possible for their employees getting more skill in writing. So, the writing standard in the training process will be the standard when employees work in real.

A training manager should to ensure every single aspect on each step of training program. It is a responsibility of a training manager to do dissemination during the process. Dissemination on paper and online must be balanced; whether to use an internal newsletter to promote and report on training events and trends, and whether to do external information dissemination, such as community task forces, relationships with local colleges, and newspaper articles.

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