8 Ways to Improve Employees’ Work Performance

The biggest manager’s challenge in all types of organization is how to produce maximum performance in work. Shortly, to get it, manager should motivate the employee to do the best effort and ensure that the employees bring a real result in form as accomplishment and achievement.

8 Ways to Improve Employees’ Work Performance

Make the job important. To get the best performance from the employee in working their tasks, a manager should create an important job for the employees. The unimportant job will build laziness in the employees’ minds. It is because they realize that the work-process will be still running greatly without them. In the others had, an important job will encourage the employees’ minds to give their maximum performance in working on task.

Select the right person. It is very important to concentrate on the deciding person for a specific job. When we have missed in this process, it will obstruct a whole work-system. The potential of persons should be determined, so there are parameters in deciding process. The hardest thing is to match the job and the person. It is a must to re-check the human resource’s potential and the job-criteria needs.

Clarify what’s expected. Sometimes, employees get frustrated because they do not totally understand what their supervisor wants. In this case, employees disposed to do something which he/she think true, not the real things that are expected.  It is better for employees to clarify the work standard so that can do maximum effort on the important task. The supervisor will be satisfied and the employees get proud and happy on their job-work for doing the task rightly.

Train the person. Although the job and the person are clearly match, training will be better to optimize the person’s performance toward the job. Training includes the teaching of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Sometimes, a supervisor train the trainer by him/her-self, but it is possible to ask the others become a trainer. The qualifications are:

  • Knowledge and skill in doing the job
  • A desire to teach
  • Communication skills
  • Patience
  • A positive attitude toward the organization and the job to be
  • learned
  • A knowledge of teaching methods and procedures
  • Time to train

Evaluate performance and communicate the appraisal. The employees who have tried to do their best want to know how they are doing on the job, and it is the manager’s responsibility to tell them. This case needs performance evaluation and the communication about the appraisal that have done. It is could be implemented in the formal and non-formal way.

Help the person improve. The appraisal must measure the various aspects of the job performance. It should assess the person as an individual in working on the job-task. When the appraisal process is finished, the manager and employee should agree about the result. Then, the plan about performance improvement should be created and implemented to get real quality increase of work performance.

Build and maintain rapport. Rapport is a symbolic form of good working relationship between manager and employee. For making rapport, a manager should understand the employee’s wants and need. There are several ways to build rapports. First is for the manager to praise good work and give credit when due. Another is for the manager to take a personal interest in the hobbies, family, problems, and other things that are dear to the heart of the employee. This process should make the manager show an interest in the future of the employee with the organization.

Reward for performance. Giving reward to employee who shows great performance on work is important to build employee’s spirit in doing task. Reward can be monetary, such as wage incentives, bonuses, profit sharing, and prizes. Or, it is possible the reward is in form of non-monetary, such as praise, special job assignments, more responsibility, and delegated tasks, asking for ideas, better working conditions, status symbols, and authority.

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