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We helped one of top manufacture company in Indonesia in conducting their corporate culture assessment and mapping the current culture and desired future culture. We also helped them to and generating core values from desired future culture. For socialization purpose, we conducted training for the trainer to all managerial level.
We helped one of top communication company in Indonesia in conducting their corporate culture assessment and mapping the current culture and desired future culture.
We helped one of top marketing communication company in Indonesia in creating and implementing internal communication to internalize their corporate culture.
We helped one of top feeding industry in conducting leader assessment center and corporate culture assessment survey.
We helped one of top Otomotif company in Indonesia to set up MT Program, Job Analysis, Balanced Score Card, Performance Management System based on BSC, Career Planning, and Compensation Benefit
We helped one of top PR and Advertising company in Indonesia in developing Training Curriculum, Employee Engagement Survey, 360 Degree Feedback, Succession Planning System, and Talent Management
We helped one of top Mining company in Indonesia in developing job analysis and competency model
We helped one of BUMD in Indonesia in employee engagement survey and recommendation program to fulfill organizational need in order to increase employee productivity

Our core pillars of our service offerings are

We service our clients wiht 360 degree. HR project such as performance management system, balance and scorecard, employee engagement survey, etc

Culture is the core foundation and one of the most precious things a company has. Culture will shape organizational behavior that affecting strategy execution, organization’s decision, policy, and the way they threat their stakeholders. We help our clients to identify the pressing culture change issues, perception gap between current and expecting culture from all level of employees through Organizational Culture Assessment Inventory (OCAI) and validated with many others culture assessment tools. We also develop strategy for internalizing corporate culture for each level of employee

We help our clients in developing and implementing best practices in HR Management System to achieve business impact.

Corporate strategy execution should be aligned with employee’s working behavior. We help our clients to assess competency gap between existing and desired competency. We also provide specific recommendation on individual development plan for each participant

We deliver a comprehensive HR Certification program that bring best practices skill and knowledge by applicable Training Module and HR system template. Our speaker came from various industries with thousand years experiences as a success HR Practitioner in their industries

Assessment Centre is a method of assessment used to assess and evaluate the person's capacity to comprehensively based on certain criteria set out systematically from analysis of the work, so that the expected results are able to describe the specific criteria in accordance demanded by the requirements of existing job.

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Seimbang antara konsep / Teori dengan Praktek
Irfan F
Irfan F
PT. Capsugel Indonesia
Cukup aplikatif dan mudah untuk memahaminya, ada chase study
Fhajar Widhi. S
Fhajar Widhi. S
PT. Komatsu Indonesia
Menarik dan banyak materi sesuai dengan yang sering terjadi di berbagai perusahaan.
Yusuf Sumarno
Yusuf Sumarno
PT. Univance Indonesia


Isi materinya sesuai dengan tujuan saya dan banyak prakteknya
Dian Candra Dewi
Dian Candra Dewi
PT. Indogravure
Sangat membantu dalam pengetahuan HR khususnya Kopetensi Basic HR
Indah Ariyani
Indah Ariyani
PT. Panasonic Globel Energy Indonesia
Irene Wiryaman
Irene Wiryaman
PT. Rabobank

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Head Office | Menara Rajawali Lt. 11 | Jl. Mega Kuningan lot 5.1 Jakarta Selatan 12950 | Phone : (62-21) 576 2727 | Fax : (62-21) 576 2736 | Email :

Regional Office | Komplek Graha Asri K-12B | Jl.Ngagel 179-183 Surabaya 60246 | Phone : (62-31) 502 0203 | Fax : (62-31) 503 9034 | Email :